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Front Range Backup & Data Recovery

Technology isn't perfect, and when something breaks it's nice to know you have a experienced, trustworthy, and reliable technology specialists standing behind you or your business.

Protect Your Data Before Catastrophe, Get it Back After

The documents and photos on your computer are some of your most important assets; whether they are spreadsheets that track your business or photos of your kids' first birthdays, you can't afford to lose them.

BlueStatic IT specializes in helping folks plan for the worst by setting up backups including Time Machine or cloud services like Backblaze and Carbonite. And if the worst happens, we've also helped customers restore their data or recover from bad hard drives.

If Your Computer is Clicking, Randomly Crashing, or Moving Very Slow, You Might Have a Bad Hard Drive

If your computer is slow or acting strange, you should call BlueStatic IT soon. These sorts of problems are often caused by a hard drive going bad, and we can keep your data safe and install healthy hardware at a fraction of the cost of losing your data and buying a new machine.

What's It Cost?
Typical Job Length
  • Setting Up Backups: 1 hour
  • Restoring From Backup: 1-2 hours
  • Fixing Bad Hard Drive: 2-4 hours

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We charge a flat rate with no extra fees or trip charges. Estimated job lengths are for single desktops and laptops. Since every job is a little different, we'll provide an estimate up front and only bill for the time we spend with you. It's part of our Peace of Mind Promise.