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Spend More on Education, Less on your Technology

Kids need very different experiences and resources to prepare for a technologically rich future. Once-costly technology is now within easy reach of small or specialized schools. And we provide your community with personalized and friendly support to stay on track.

Teachers Should Teach, Not Troubleshoot

When school budgets are tight, teachers and administrators wear too many hats to give students a high-quality education. Let your staff focus on teaching, not troubleshooting. BlueStatic IT will help keep your laptops, projectors, tablets, servers, and email running reliably so it's one less big thing to worry about.

Students need computers to succeed, but they need to stay safe online (and focused on their homework too). We can help deploy computers or mobile devices to all your students and teachers that support your educational goals -- and we'll help pick the right technology that doesn't break the bank no matter what neighborhoods you serve.

Let's Prepare All Kids Equally

We are eager to help educators create the best possible learning environment and provide their kids the best opportunities for success in high school, college, and the workplace. We can consult on how best to leverage technology in the classroom or at home. And as a minority-owned business, BlueStatic IT is especially passionate about giving all kids an equal shot at success. Let's talk about how we empower the next generation to succeed!

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We typically charge a flat $75 per hour—no trip charges, no extra sales pitches, no long-term commitments. Depending on what your school community needs, we'll create a custom plan that empowers your kids' success at a school budget-friendly price.