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Greeley, CO Fix Computer Problems and Issues

Technology isn't perfect, and when something breaks it's nice to know you have a experienced, trustworthy, and reliable technology specialists standing behind you or your business.

We Find and Fix Mystery Computer Problems

"It was acting funky until you got here."
"Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't."
"I swear I didn't touch anything."
"I live alone ... yup, just me and the gremlins living in my computer."

We believe you. At BlueStatic IT we've found and fixed all sorts of crazy problems we've never seen before. More than likely it's not your fault—these are complex little machines and when they get out of whack, they can make you feel wacky. We'll take good care of you and your technology so that it simply works.

Finding and fixing mystery problems can be a process. We'll start with a full diagnostic and clean-up, making sure there are no viruses or bad hardware. If the basics all check out, we'll take it a step further, and we'll keep working on it until we're absolutely sure it's either fixed or not fixable. We'll explain everything along the way.

What's It Cost?
Typical Job Length
  • Easy Problems: 1 hour
  • Harder Ones: 4 hours

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We charge a flat rate with no extra fees or trip charges. Estimated job lengths are for single desktops and laptops. Since every job is a little different, we'll provide an estimate up front and only bill for the time we spend with you. It's part of our Peace of Mind Promise.