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Greeley, CO Virus and Ransomware solutions

Technology isn't perfect, and when something breaks it's nice to know you have a experienced, trustworthy, and reliable technology specialists standing behind you or your business.

Get Rid of Viruses and Ransomware

At BlueStatic IT we've seen some nasty viruses and ransomware, even ones that sneak past antivirus software. Getting infected can expose your critical business data--something that small businesses simply can't afford--or simply cause your computer to run slow or crash because it's too busy doing the hacker's bidding.

You needn't fear, though, when you work with BlueStatic IT. We can take a deep look through your computer to make sure you're as safe as can be before you have a problem. Of if you think you already have a problem, we can help you defeat the viruses that might be plaguing your computer or risking your business.

Scam Alert - Some Hackers Could Convince You To Grant Access To Your Computer

Over the last year, we've seen an increase in an especially nasty sort of scam. You might get an email or a call that pretends to be tech support—maybe from your computer maker or from Microsoft. They'll sound legitimate, and try to convince you to install a simple app to help them analyze your computer's health. Instead, they install a nasty little app that will crash your computer until you pay them to remove it.

BlueStatic IT is your neighbor - we only work in Northern Colorado. Call us, get to know us, and we'll show you what a trustworthy IT Support company looks like.

What's It Cost?
Typical Job Length
  • Safety Audit: 1 hour
  • Virus Removal: 2-3 hours

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We charge a flat rate with no extra fees or trip charges. Estimated job lengths are for single desktops and laptops. Since every job is a little different, we'll provide an estimate up front and only bill for the time we spend with you. It's part of our Peace of Mind Promise.