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Consistent and Reliable Tech Support for Property Managers, Residential Communities, and Office Buildings

When you're planning or managing a multi-unit property, you can't forget your tenants' technology needs. BlueStatic IT offers a unique, customized approach that minimizes your costs and creates an attractive value-added benefits for all your rent-payers.

Site-Wide WiFi Attracts Tenants

Site-Wide WiFi is one of those benefits that attracts prospective tenants. Keeping it working is essential for keeping them happy. BlueStatic IT has helped property managers provide and maintain this important utility so that tenants never complain, because it simply works. Whether you are opening a new property and enriching an existing one, we'll help you make attractive technology decisions that are dependable year after year.

Value-Added Preferred Provider Relationships

You can provide some extra peace of mind for your tenants without spending a dime. BlueStatic IT offers co-branded preferred provider relationships where your tenants can get a special hourly rate and we handle all the marketing. It's literally no risk to your business, and all gain for your residents.

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For multi-unit properties, we can create custom pricing options depending on what services you want to offer your tenants.