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Greeley, CO Printers and Peripherals

Technology isn't perfect, and when something breaks it's nice to know you have a experienced, trustworthy, and reliable technology specialists standing behind you or your business.

Printers, Keyboards, Scanners, Monitors—If It Connects To Your Computer, We Can Help Fix It

When you need to print that last-minute document, or your monitor goes all flickery, call BlueStatic IT before you throw it across the room. We know these sometimes-on devices can get pretty frustrating, but we know how to make them cooperate again. We know that simple technology should "just work," so that's what we do.

We'll come to your home or office to fix it on-site; there's never a need to unplug, drag it to a shop, wait for a week, and hope you hook up correctly later. We'll figure out where the problem really is - from the drivers and apps on your computer, to the network that seems to "lose" your printer, to a faulty device itself. By the time we're done we'll leave you with peace of mind that the next time you need something printed now, that thing is going to work like it's supposed to.

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  • Most Problems: 1 hour

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We charge a flat rate with no extra fees or trip charges. Since every job is a little different, we'll provide an estimate up front and only bill for the time we spend with you. It's part of our Peace of Mind Promise.